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What is Rape?

In courts of law, rape is usually defined as the coercive or forceful act of a male against a female. When a man uses force, coercion or manipulation to have sex with a woman against her will, then it is rape. And today, the legal responsibility for a rape situation always belongs 100% to the aggressor.

Direct, respectful communication with a sober date is the only way to learn what they are interested in doing. Nothing can ever be assumed. Silence and submission do not equal consent for sex. NON CONSENSUAL SEX IS RAPE.

What is Sexual Assault?

Sexual assault is unwanted sexual contact that stops short of rape or attempted rape.  This includes sexual touching and fondling.  Some states use this term interchangeably with rape.

Alcohol and drugs spell additional dangers.

Alcohol always does more harm than good. When ingested in any quantity, it affects our ability to make good decisions. Alcohol may cause some people to let their guard down, while causing others to become more aggressive. Alcohol, like all drugs, leads very quickly to a dangerous loss of communication.

And today there are dangers we can't even see.

There are several very dangerous drugs on streets and campuses these days being used to sedate potential rape victims. Powerful, odorless, tasteless drugs like Gammahydroxybutyrate (G.H.B., "Liquid E", "Liquid X", "Grievous Bodily Harm") and Rohypnol ("roofies", "la roche", "R-Z", "rib", "roll'n'fall", "the forget pill") dissolve quickly and invisibly into liquids and are being used to secretly spike people's beverages, causing rapid and severe intoxication, dramatically reduced inhibitions and memory loss.

G.H.B... is an illegal, home-made drug made from easily found ingredients, and is usually sold as a clear odorless liquid (resembling sugar water) or as a white powder. G.H.B. intoxication will lead to a deep coma-like sleep, shallow breathing, decreased blood pressure and short-term memory loss. Use of G.H.B. can also be fatal.

Rohypnol... is a prescription drug used as a pre-surgical muscle-relaxant and to treat insomnia. But it has not been approved by the F.D.A. for use in the United States because of its potentially harmful side effects.

  Guys, listen to and respect your date's wishes.
  Stop when you hear "no". Stop if you don't hear "yes".
  Keep your eyes open and watch what you drink.
  Date in a group so a friend can look out for you.
  Never accept a beverage you didn't see get poured from anyone you don't know and trust, especially an alcoholic beverage.
  Get tested right away if you think you were drugged. Traces of G.H.B. and Rohypnol disappear from the body very quickly.

What to do if you have been raped:
  Tell a friend. Also, call a rape hotline or counseling center.
      They can give useful advice and support throughout the recovery process.
  Call the police.
  Then, go to the hospital and get checked out. See a doctor to have your blood and urine checked for traces of G.H.B., 
      Rohypnol, or other substances if you think you may have been drugged. Even if you are not sure you want to press charges,
      get tested immediately. These drugs become undetectable after just a short amount of time.
  Do not shower, douche, or change your clothes before seeing the doctor.
  Preserve the crime scene as much as possible for the collection of evidence.
  Consider what other evidence might be useful if you decide to press charges.

Everyone Can Reduce The Risk of Rape
  Communicate with your friends and dates.
  Keep a clear head. Maintain control of yourself at all times.
  Set sexual limits for yourself, and make sure your date knows them.
  Trust your instincts. If a situation doesn't feel right to you, walk away.
  Stay away from alcohol and drugs.
  AND GUYS... listen to your date. Remember: "NO" always means "NO"!

In 1996, Congress unanimously passed the Drug Induced Rape Prevention and Punishment Act, which provides severe sentences of up to 20 years for anyone convicted for possession of a controlled substance with the intent to commit a crime of violence, including sexual assault.

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